Thursday, March 18, 2010

Welcome to the Trapped in a Restaurant meme game!!

1. In MIND GAMES, hypochondriac heroine Justine Jones can’t figure out why tortured mastermind Sterling Packard never sets foot outside the Mongolian Delites restaurant. What if you were somehow trapped in a restaurant, what sort of restaurant would you prefer?

2. What if you won the fancy $100 dinner to a restaurant of your choice, and you could dine with any character from any book, movie, or history. Who would you choose?
Acheron from Sherrilyn Kenyon's books

3. Choose three characters to dine with for a lively dinner party (you can define lively however you want).
Tori from SK Acheron would love to know how she's handling god powers that are new to her. Cat form Jeannine Frost's book and any unattached shifter from Shelly Laurenston Pack Challenge series.

Want to win a $100 GC for a fancy dinner at a restaurant of your choice. Anyone can play. Details at

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