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Excerpt and Giveaway: Hot Vampire Kiss by Lisa Renee Jones

Happy October everyone!

Guess what is out tomorrow! ? Paranormal Activity 3. Oh my gosh the previews look so very scary!

I don’t normally get scared from previews but oh my my my! I’m scared. I’m going to help ease your fears with a sexy excerpt from HOT VAMPIRE KISS. Then tell me what movie you can’t wait to see for a chance to win a goodie bag of prizes!

Hot Vampire Kiss


Book one, Evan’s story

The werewolf population is entrenched in a century long civil war, and now they are plagued by a virus that is turning wolves into killers. The Brooks brothers pursue one such rogue werewolf to Temple, Texas. It is in Temple that Evan encounters a beautiful nurse named Marissa who instantly melts the hundred years of ice running through his veins. When she is brutally attacked by the wolf, he breaks the rules of the Vampire Council and uses his blood to save her. Now, if he doesn’t kill the wolf by the next full moon, Marissa will become a killer wolf, and he will be sentenced to death.



Three hours later, the bar was closed, but Evan had ensured that Marissa lingered in her seat, a drink in front of her. He wasn’t about to allow her to leave without him, and not just because of the wolf he was certain would have her in his sight. No – there was more to his desire to keep Marissa nearby. Plain and simple, he wanted her, and not just physically, though there was no question, she got him hot and hard. He was, after all, a male, a vampire male, with primal, sexual instincts that had him imagining all kinds of wicked ways to make her scream his name. But what really had him by the balls was not the desire she created in him, but the way she’d made him laugh when he’d have sworn it wasn’t possible. The way she’d made him smile when he was certain he had no reason. The way she’d made him realize how empty a century of hunting had made him and he wanted to know why, and how, a woman he barely knew could do such things. The time for discovery, both in and out of bed, was not now though.

He wiped down the counter, working toward closing up the bar, focused on getting Marissa out of here safely. To ensure the wolf didn’t target her, as he normally did the friends and acquaintances of his victims.

All but done with the fa├žade of this night’s bartender duties, he cast a quick, seductive glance at Marissa, making no attempt to tame the primal heat in his stare. She wasn’t for him, he told himself silently. She was a forever kind of girl, and not the kind of forever he could give her. Nevertheless, when she smiled shyly at him, his groin tightened, cock thickening against his zipper, and he knew he wasn’t walking away without fucking her every which way she’d have him.

He tossed the rag down, and rounded the bar, eliminating the counter that had separated them all night, to stand beside her, his hand on the back of her stool. She turned to face him, the scent of her teasing his nostrils, his arm creating an intimate enclosure, trapping her between the counter and his body. She was his in that moment and the idea appealed to him far more than it should. One tilt of his head and his teeth could touch that delicate, pale neck. His lips her lips. His body her body.

She glanced up at him, her long, dark lashes fluttering with a combination of uncertainty and desire, her pupils dilated with the effects of the alcohol she’d consumed.

“You really are…tall,” she whispered.

“And you,” he said, brushing a finger over her chin, “really are beautiful.” And innocent. Too innocent and perfect for the likes of him.

She shivered. “Tall and a smooth talker, I think I should be afraid.” Her palm slid down the bar. “Ouch!” She drew her hand forward, red pooling on her index finger, a splinter of wood sticking out from the red center.

Instant lust fired through Evan as he took the opportunity presented and snatched the splinter away before he drew her finger to his lips. The sweet taste of her blood exploded on his taste buds, filling him with lust, desire — fueling the sexual side of his vampire nature, when he already wanted this woman to the point of white-hot demand. His gums tingled, his recessed cuspids threatening to extend.

His eyes met hers, the scent of her arousal, the taste of her blood, seeping through him with a demand that he claim her, claim satisfaction. Somewhere in the back of the bar a door slammed shut. The sound was a jolt of reality that shook Evan just enough to calm the beast inside him threatening to take control of him, of her.

Slowly his tongue swirled around her finger, and then he released it, inspecting the area where the splinter had been.

“All better,” he said.

A stunned look etched her features. “I was right,” she whispered.

His brows dipped, “Rright?”

“When I said I should be afraid of you,” she explained. “Because there is no way that what you just did should not bother me but it…”

He leaned close, sliding his face against hers, his lips near her ear, his mouth far too close to the vein he hungered to puncture — for his own good – most certainly for her own good. And yet, he found himself asking, “Aroused you?”

She drew a breath. “Yes.”

“As it did me,” he assured her, and silently wondered if perhaps it was him that should be afraid of her, for the way she stole his reserve, his caution. His control.

He leaned back, offering her his hand to help her stand. “I won’t bite,” he promised. “Not unless you ask me to.” And damn how he wished she would, how he wanted to convince her she should.

She laughed, nervously. “I’ve never asked a man to bite me in my life,” she said, pressing her palm against his.

He brought her fingers to his lips. “Then I could be the first.”

Her eyes went wide, “To bite me?”

“In the most pleasurable of ways,” he assured her.

She blushed. “I must be drunk,” she said, “because I so believe you. Probably a sign I need to go home.”

“I’ll drive you and take a cab home,” he offered. “Then you’ll have your car tomorrow.”

She considered him a moment. “I should say no.”

“But you’re going to say yes.”

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WK said...

Awesome excerpt and great book!!! Thanks PamK!


Leagh said...

This is a great book!

I would answer the question but I don't see it :(

Anyway, great post!!!

Michelle Bledsoe said...

Morning Ladies!!
Lisa, I can't wait to see the new THREE MUSKETEERS this weekend. As my daughter put it, "They Steampunked it.." LOL
I love your Vampire Warden series and can't wait for the next one. Will it be just about the 3 brothers or are you planning on more?

koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

SoccerMomKnits said...

Honestly, I can't wait to see the new Twilight movie. I want to see if they kept it even remotely close to the book and since this was my favorite book of that series, it should be interesting.

robinky42 said...

I have read this book and loved it. I have the second one but have not had a chance to read it yet.

Harlie Reader said...

Hot Vampire Kiss was AWESOME!!! At our house since we have a 6 year old, its the Muppet Movie. Nothing scary.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday was just a tease, today we got and excerpt. Thank you!
seawitchreviews@yahoo .com

Jane said...

I saw the trailer for Paranormal Activity 3, too. It was scary. I can't wait to see Immortals. I love Henry Cavill.

janie1215 AT excite DOT com

joder said...

I too am looking forward to seeing Paranormal Activity 3. I've enjoyed the previous two and think this looks equally as good.

I'm your latest blog follower as well and look forward to visiting more.

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

Aemelia said...

I'll second that Paranormal Activity 3's preview gives me goosebumps every time I see it! I don't get out the the movies much, and honestly don't pay much attention to the commercials...but I think Adam Sandler's new movie Jack and Jill looks funny.

Oh and I'll agree with Wendy, HOT VAMPIRE KISS is a great book

Harlie Reader said...

At my house, nothing scary. Have a 6 yr old boy. LOL! This book rocks! Our movie that we are waiting for is The Muppet Movie. Sorry.

AprilR said...

Hi, Lisa. I loved this book. Can hardly wait for the next installment.Hurry and bring it on,please....I don't go to the movies,so I don't really have a special movie. I used to love,the Elm Street movies.

Maria said...

Would you hate me if I said I can't wait to see "Breaking Dawn- Part 1"?
It's what I want to see next month.

Loved the excerpt!


Brenda Hyde said...

Yum...I loved your Michael and Sterling stories but hadn't picked this one up yet. Amazing excerpt!


Yes, I do want to read this book!
The movie I can't wait to see is "REAL STEEL "
Love the excerpt!


Yes, I do want to read this book!
The movie I can't wait to see is " REAL STEEL "
Love the excerpt!

Chelsea B. said...

I can't wait to see Captain America! I'm waiting for it on Netflix-- the wait it KILLING me! Haha ;-) And Paranormal Activity 3 DOES look super scary! When the little girl is looking at the camera, head tilited down, eyes up....! Sheesh!


lrhubble said...

I want to see Immortals. :-) Not scary but full of action.


donnas said...

I am really looking forward to Dark Shadows. Cant wait to see how it turns out there is so much potential.

Great excerpt.
Im a follower

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Teresa K. said...

Hi Lisa,

I have three movies I'm dieing to see, The Three Musketeers, Immortals, and of course Breaking Dawn. I can't wait to any of them.

And oh fanning myself, what a hot intense excerpt. Talk about your sexual tension lady. Very Niceeeeeee!

Teresa K.
tcwgrlup41 at yahoo dot com

Betty B. said...

The excerpt makes me determined to get the book in my hot hands asap. I want to see The Ides of March because I love George Clooney

Eva's Flowers said...

Other commenters have said The Three Muskeeters and that's me also, I've watched many versions, and will continue to do so, I really enjoy it :) I don't do scary movies much anymore...too scary for me nowadays, used to watch them all the time when I was younger...


Anonymous said...

Congratulating on the book
Sherlock homes n
Breaking dawn great prizes thanks
Kim h

Robin said...

Your book looks great! I am excited about The Tower Heist. I am a follower.

Robin D
robindpdx (at) yahoo (dot) com