Sunday, June 22, 2014

Review: Rebecca's Lost Journals 1-3 by Lisa Renee Jones

In this first steamy e-short of excerpts from Rebecca’s Lost Journals, Rebecca reveals her first submissive experience—with the man who will become her Master.

In the second sultry e-short of excerpts from Rebecca’s Lost Journals, Rebecca is faced with a contract to be a submissive that she doesn’t want to sign—and her would-be Master has unusual methods of convincing her…

The third installment of the erotic and provocative journals of Rebecca featured in the
Inside Out Trilogy.

s These are based on the journals of  Rebecca's in  Lisa Renee Jones Inside Out series. You don't need to read these to read the series but you do pick up clues and insight to Rebecca's disappearance. And they are a great addition to this series and make a great filler while you are waiting on the next book in the series. I give them 4 stars cause even though they add something to the series they are not necessary to the story line and I found myself hurrying through them to get back to Sara and Chris lol. I was given these in exchange for an honest review.

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