Sunday, December 14, 2014

Review. Court of Night fall by Karpov Kindrade

I've spent my life in shades of grey. It wasn't until I died that my world filled with color.

That night, I still lived in black and white. There was a full moon. Full and looking as if it had been rolled in powdered sugar then plopped back into the sky, so that a white dusting shone around it like a halo.

I've never believed in monsters, or any of that nonsense. Never believed that the dark could be scary. Until that night. Now I know the truth, but it is shrouded with lies. Now I can see the world in color, but it is covered in shadows. Now, I must find the monster that killed my parents. And when I do, I will use my new powers to seek vengeance. A life for the lives that beast stole from me. I am no longer just Scarlett Night, the color-blind girl who dreams of flying.

Now, I am Nightfall—a fallen angel with a lust for blood. And I shall have my revenge.

This book started a new series and was by a new to me author. I like Scarlett and think that she is very tough lady but considering her parents I'm not surprised. The premise of this book intrigued me. It's so different than the books that are out now. This is not a romance book though there are elements of romance to it. I'd classify it as more of an urban fantasy. I am looking forward to reading more in this series and more by this authors. I don't always add authors to my must buy list very often but this one I'm adding. I was given this by the author for a fair and honest review.

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