Monday, October 13, 2008

Into the Lair By Maya Banks

This is Maya's second book in her Falcon Mercenary Group series. This one picks up with Ian and Braden who thanks to some funky experiments done to them on their last mission were turned into cat shifters very unstable shifters. Gabe one of their group who betrayed them to the asshole Esteban who gassed them asked them to find and protect his baby sister because Esteban wanted her. Since Katie was an innocent and just might be the perfect bait to draw Esteban out they couldn't really refuse.
Katie has some issues of her own because Esteban is not the only madman after her. Gabe did a pretty good job of teaching her to take care of herself. And she's not going to trust anyone especially if her instincts are telling her too. She has severe trust issues.
I just love these three character. Braden is cut up and likes to stir up shit. And Ian is the most serious of the brothers and he's the one that imo is the most tender hearted of he two. And Katie what can I say about her. She is feisty spitfire that takes no shit from anyone. I love her attitude cause she never gives up and never says die and gives Ian and Braden a run for their money.
This is one of my most favorite series on ebook right now. It has two hunky alpha shifters and not just shifters but big cat shifters which I think is sexy as hell. A spunky heroine that can take care of herself and proves it to boot. And the world building Maya does is very believable.

BTW this one releases today so run to and purchase this book and while your there go ahead and pick up the first one in the series you won't be disappointed.

PS we need to start a petition for Tits to have his own book

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