Thursday, October 30, 2008

Midnight's Daughter

Karen Chance has a new book out called Midnight Daughter about a Dhampir named Dorina aka Dory. In Karen's world a Dhampir is half human half vampire and disliked by all. They usually don't live long because either other vamps kill them or their uncontrollable rages gets themselves killed. Dorina is one of the longer lived Dhampir's cause she controls her rages by hunting and killing the dregs of the paranormal society and quite probably because of who her father is. Which was a treat for me cause I loved the tie in.
Dory has several problems lately and one of which is that Dory's uncle Drac(Dracula to you and me) as she calls him even though he's about the only big bad she's scared of has escaped and Daddy Dearest needs her help to recapture him. Not that she wants to do that because she'd much prefer to stake him herself. But since Daddy Dearest doesn't want that he has assigned her a helper, the master vamp Louis-Cesare which is not only powerful but sexy as hell to boot. Her other problem is that her roommate is missing and oh yes the Fey want her dead. What more could a girl wish for.
I went into this book after reading the back of it thinking that even though I adore her other series that it's not very ofter that an author hooks me into two series. But dayumn this book rocked from the opening page. I absolutely loved it. Dorina has her "issues" to be sure but she is great. She is loyal to her friends to a fault, a menace to anyone who winds up on the wrong side of her, and she takes a licking but keeps on ticking but a little pink bunny she definitely not. I loved it. Matter of fact out of the two series I think this one fought it way to the top lol.

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