Saturday, January 30, 2010

Books I've read this week

Hi all,
Thought I start posting the books I've read on a weekly basis. This week I've read three.

Winter Kiss by Deborah Cooke. This is one of my favorite series. I love dragon shifters and this series is one of the best. That said this book just seemed to move too fast with h/h romance at first. But Ginger is a great heroine and after she found out that what Delaney was up to with the whole get her pregnant and then take out the Dragon's Elixir by himself even if he died trying well her and buddies the rest of the Pyr decided that wasn't going to happen. Love the ending to this book even though you could see it coming from a mile out. I give this one 4 diamonds. It is a good solid read, great smart, funny, take no crap heroine. Has a big, strong, sexy, but flawed hero with plenty of bad guys and good guys and action out the wazoo. If you want a series with sexy shifters and you love dragons give this series a try.

Shades of Midnight by Lara Adrian
This is the next story in her warrior vamp series. This is Kade a new to the order vamp but hales from Alaska and Alexandra a bush pilot in Alaska. In this series when some grisly killings show up on you tube on the intranet Kade is sent by to his home to investigate. Alex found the killings which brought a youthful trauma back to her in vivid detail. With Kade family secrets and Alex's past these two have some serious issues to work through. We also learn some things about the rest of the warriors and are introduced to some new characters some good some bad. As a late comer to this series this was the first book I had to really wait for. But since I didn't have to wait long the wait between this book and the next will feel like forever. Hope it comes soon. I give this one 4 1/2 Diamonds

Eternal Hunter by Cynthia Eden
This one was by far my favorite read this week. Ms Eden has started a great series here. I love Jude he is a unapologetic alpha male. Of course that is partly because he a rare breed of tiger shifter which is one of the fastest and strongest shifter type. And then Erin an Assistant AD who is a shifter but not. She has some serious issues with because of here past with her mom. Erin has a problem she has a stalker who is also a wolf shifter which are known for the propensity of going nuts. And this guy is about as cuckoo as a cuckoo clock. He is somewhat like a cat himself because he like to give Erin presents which are dead folks sort of like a cat bringing her dead rats. And Erin loathes this tendency he has and wants him stopped now and forever. Jude wants him stopped at all costs cause he is all about protecting his make. This is the first in this series and there are a at least a couple of secondary characters that definitely need their own books. I especially like Dee and Wade. Personal opinion Dee needs herself a vamp. She'd give him hell lol. I give this book 5 Diamonds. If you've not read a book by Cynthia Eden then go run to the bookstore and get you one. Anyone you pick will be a great read. I know I've read them all lol.

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