Monday, February 1, 2010

Dark Faerie Tales first Valentine’s Day Book Massacre!

Wow this is a fanastic giveaway that I would give my eyeteeth to win. Below is a listing of the books that are included in the giveaway
Books on the Giveaway Block:

1. Ecstasy Unveiled

2. Shadow Blade

3. The Iron King

4. Archangel’s Kiss

5. Bone Crossed

6. First Drop of Crimson

7. Darklight

8. Need

9. Betrayals

10. The Secret Year (Signed ARC)

11. Something Like Fate (ARC)

12. Incarceron (ARC & Hardcover)

13. Dirty Little Secrets (ARC)

14. Invisible Girl (ARC)

15. Inked

16. So Punk Rock (Signed)

17. Light Beneath Ferns (Signed)

18. The Princess and the Snowbird

19. The Dark Divine & Nail Polish (previous winner never claimed prize)

20. For Keeps (ARC)

21. Bleeding Violet (ARC)

22. Eleventh Grade Burns (ARC)

23. Spider’s Bite

24. Night Tides

25. Unperfect Souls

26. Blood Magic

27. Succubi Like It Hot

28. Embrace the Night Eternal

29. Beyond the Night

30. Pleasure of a Dark Prince

* Note: I will also include some super secret ARCs for each winner!

If you would love to win some of the fantastic books go here and see how to enter.

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