Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This week I've managed to read several books first up was
Atlantis Redeemed. This book was another great edition to Alyssa Day's Atlantis Warriors. Imagine living 2000 yrs without emotions and then getting them back in a matter of minutes. His woman is a truth teller and actually feels pain when someone tells her a lie. And even though the emotions make Brennen unstable his honor and emerging feelings for Tierman keep him from completely losing it. Especially since she believes him about the curse and her feelings has her helping out along the way.If you've not read these stories all I can what the heck are your waiting on. Sexy Atlantean, shapeshifters, a few good vamps, and ladies with special qualities of their own. This one get a 4 diamond rating from me.

more postings for other books as time allows

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