Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Revew: Primal Attraction by Sydney Somers

He’ll stop at nothing to claim her…If she doesn’t kill him first.

Pendragon Gargoyles Book 2

A lethal huntress, Sorcha lives to track and eliminate rogue immortals—until her latest assignment turns out to be a sexy, gargoyle shape-shifter. From the start she’s shaken by the lust his touch awakens inside her. Not only that, but the cat is convinced she’s his mate, and for the first time, she’s unable to kill her target.

Still mourning the loss of his mate, Cale is stunned to find Sorcha alive. Yet the woman he aches to possess doesn’t recognize him and is after the only thing that will save his brother—a mystical weapon that will lead to Excalibur.

Determined to protect his family and reclaim his mate, Cale ruthlessly takes advantage of Sorcha’s one weakness—her desire for him. Desire that could unlock their past…or cause him to lose her all over again.

I love Cale in this book. He's alpha to the bone but he'll stop at nothing to either make Sorcha remember or fall for him again.
And Sorcha is the boogey man that gets sent out after the Other wrong doers and she's good at it but can quite understand why she either can't or won't kill Cale. The secondary characters in this series are outstanding and help make it a must read series.

Thanks to Sydney for a copy of this book for review. I give it a 4 1/2 star out of 5.

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