Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Hour of the Damned


The main character is this book is Amanda Feral a yuppy ad executive. Who is made into a zombie. And yes that's a human flesh eating zombie. This book was well written and at times extremely funny. I love the snarky tone of it. And probably would have totally loved it except for one big ick issue that I had with it. Her first "meal" of which Mr. Henry doesn't got into heavy details thank god was a runaway teenager about 16 yrs old. Now in the book she talks about not eating children which is a nono but to me a 16 yr old is a child however you put it. I have kiddos that are around that age and I just couldn't get past that issue. Now if this wouldn't be a problem for you, you would probably love this book. I know that there are loads of people who love it. My other issue with this book was that zombies can drink alcohol and mixed drinks but can't drink anything else. That just didn't make sense to me and just kept taking me out of this book world.
Like I said this was a well written and funny book that I could have totally gotten into without the above two issues. I look forwarding to reading Mark Henry's new YA book he's coming out with. I really enjoyed his writing but not so much the subject matter. It wasn't to my taste. That being said I give this one 3 stars.

I bought and paid for this book all by myself no freebie for me.

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