Sunday, September 26, 2010

Review: Heart Journey by Roben D. Owens

Helena, a renowned cartographer, is exploring Celta when she finds out she has a HeartMate. Yearning for a partner, she is drawn to meet him.

Actor Raz Cherry is dedicated to his career. Uninterested in long-term commitments, he ignores an oracle that foretells of his HeartMate.

Though passion ignites, their lifestyles clash. Only when mysterious thefts threaten their families can they overcome the obstacles on their journey to love.
Helena aka Del is a very strong woman. She's been on her own a long time. She doesn't need a man but wants to meet her heartmate. She's also 8 yrs older than him. That was definitely different but in this world almost immaterial since the live really love lives. Raz now is younger and wants to be a renowned actor. And she can't stay in this city and he can't leave. It takes almost loosing each literally and figuratively for both of these strong characters to compromise and come together forever.
You can always count on Roben to give a great read always. Looking forward to many more books from Ms. Owens both in and out of this world.
4 stars from me for a self-purchased book.

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