Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Review: Second Wife by Kishan Paul

If you want to live, you must let go of the past...

Twenty-eight-year-old Psychologist, Alisha Dimarchi, is abducted by an obsessed client and imprisoned in his Pakistani compound for over two years. Forced to change her name and live as his second wife, her life is filled with trauma and heartbreak. Thrust into a world of violence and oppression, Ally must fight not only to keep herself alive but to protect the lives of the people she now considers family. At night, she retreats into her memories of the only man she has ever loved – a man she believes no longer loves her.

Thirty-four-year-old handsome surgeon, David Dimarchi, has spent the last two years mourning the disappearance of his wife. After a painful and isolated existence, he begins the process of healing. It is then that he is visited by a stranger, who informs him that Ally is very much alive and needs his help. In a desperate attempt to save her, David enlists the help of a mercenary. Together they find themselves in the center of more than just a rescue mission. Will he be able to reach her in time and if he does, will she still want him?

First of all of love this cover. I think its amazing and very much on point. I was so glad I was offered the chance to read this book. I don't read many psychological thrillers but the blurb for this one drew me in from the first and I just had to read this book. I started this book in the late evening and I was sucked in from the get go. I couldn't put the book down and had to see what was going to happen next. My hubby came in the living room at 2:30 in morning and asked me if I was coming to bed. Lol it was a good thing that I started my vacation that day. This book made me run the gamut of emotions from being happy, sad, and mad as hell. This book has subject matter that may be difficult to read about but it also showed a woman that lived through hell and found out just how strong she was when she came out the other side. I'm not going to give spoilers so I won't tell you the ending but it was good. Not hearts and flowers all over the place but it was a good ending.

I was giving this book by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review and I give this 5 star.

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