Sunday, October 4, 2015

Review: Unbroken by Lisa Renee Jones

From New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones comes the fourth and final part in the sexy, suspenseful The Secret Life of Amy Bensen series—finally revealing the long-awaited wedding between Amy and Liam. But with the explosive secret they’re hiding, will their enemies ever let them live happily ever after?

For six long years I lived on the run, in fear and devastated by loss. That began to change the day I met Liam Stone, who is so much more than his money and power, and even the protection he has offered me. He is passion. He is friendship. He is love and happiness, and the man who made my enemies his own. And now with his help, the secret that drove me into hiding is buried, our enemies contained. Liam and I can finally start our life and put this behind us. The nightmare is over. Unless…it’s not.

This is the final story in the Amy Bensen series and we get to see her and Liam's wedding . I was so glad that Chad and his lady got to sneak in for a visit. I don't blame Amy for taking advantage and going ahead and marrying Liam then. It was a beautiful ceremony.
We were dropped a couple of bombshells in this book and if they are true it changes some things. I swear every darn time I think I've got this Lisa throws a monkey wrench in the works. I so hope that there is another story at least for Chad so we get some answers about Jared and Meg
This book is definitely not a standalone book. If you try read this without reading the others you'll be lost. I recommend getting them and reading them back to back. I give this story 4 stars and I was given this by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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